Private Tour

Private Tours

Please check for availabity.

Private Tours

Private tours are for those who would like to start at a different time and stay in a small group You can make your reservation to check availability. Choose between English or Spanish and propose a starting hour. Private tours are offered from 7:00 am to 11am. During the rainy season (May-December) we do not offer tours in the afternoon since we usually have heavy rains that make it impossible to walk around the city. We are sorry for our crazy weather.

Choose your Time

Tell us what is the best time to start showing you the city. From 7am to 11am.

Private Tour Guide

Our guide will be taking you to the highlights of the city with historical and curious data.

No rush

We can take some extra time for special photos, buying fruits or drink a nice coffee.

2+ People

From couples to a bigger group. Just let us know how many people are coming with you.

Tour Pricing

We suggest a participation fee depending on the number of people. We offer a range of prices and you pay what is best for your budget.

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