Here, some things you should know before the tour:

Tip Based Tour

This tour doesn't have a set price, at the end of the tour you decide the value of this experience.


The places we visit are tourist friendly, however we always recommend to take care of yourself and other guests.

What to Bring

Bring water, confortable shoes, sunscreen and umbrella. During this time, mask is mandatory during the tour.

Mask Required

For now, masks are mandatory. This is the easiest way to protect each other against the pandemic.


If you come with a car, there is a parking lot next to Holiday Inn Aurola


If you are not able to show up, please let us know before, so we can assign your spot to someone else.

Chepetown: Our favorite City Guide

Chepetown is a city guide with some of the highlights of the city. Restaurants, parks, Museums and more from the 4 main cities around Downtown: Sanana, San Jose center, Barrio Escalante and San Pedro.

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